Nurse helps discover boy's cancer, wins 'America's Greatest School Nurse'

It was last September and little Nate Campbell, was new to the kindergarten class at Zane North Elementary in Collingswood, New Jersey.

His teacher noticed his color was not right and sent him to the nurse's office.

Patti Butler, or "Nurse Patti" as the kids call her, knew something was wrong and urged Nate's mom, Nicole, to take him in for testing.

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After a round of blood tests, Nate was diagnosed with leukemia.

Thankfully little Nate is doing much better these days.

As for Nurse Patti, she was nominated for the "America's Greatest School Nurse" contest by Nate's mom as a way of saying thank you.

Nurse Patti came away victorious!

FOX 29's Jenn Frederick sat down with Nate, Nurse Patti and Nate's family on Good Day Philadelphia this morning to talk about how it all came together.

You can watch her interview above.