Philadelphia Phillies team up with local food banks to provide hunger relief

While we are still waiting for the start of the 2020 baseball season, the Philadelphia Phillies are finding ways to help in the community during the coronavirus pandemic by providing food to area food banks.

On Monday morning, the team loaded up hundreds of cases of food to 15 pantry vehicles outside Citizens Bank Park. Everyone wore masks, including the Phillie Phanatic, and kept up with their social distancing as food was loaded into vehicles to be distributed around the Philadelphia area.

Dave Buck, the Executive Vice President of the Philadelphia Phillies, joined FOX 29’s Lauren Johnson for an interview as all the cars were loaded.

“Hatfield called us a couple weeks ago and said that they had some hams that we could give away and we called 4 other partners: Pope, Super Pretzel, Giant and Herrs. We called 15 different local food banks that we have relationships with and they’re all coming down to pick up a lot of food.”


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When the Phillies reach out to their other partners, who were also eager to help, they realized how important their work is for the community and knew that they wanted to contribute more.

“It’s very important and when something like this happens, there are consequences you don’t think of. You think of the health first and now the food thing. It’s great for all of us to do it, we feel great about doing it. You had the testing in our space the other day, so this makes us feel really good that we can help out a little bit.”

And while baseball is still delayed due to the coronavirus, Dave Buck and the Phillies realize that they are big part of the community and they are thankful that fans have been supporting them all these years. This was just their way of showing their support.

“Thank you for supporting us all these years. We’re all in this together. Phillies in it together, Pennsylvania, America, we’re all in this together. So we’ll all get through it.”


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