18-year-old allegedly attacked for wearing bikini

An 18-year-old girl is left with horrifying wounds after she was attacked by a group of men allegedly for wearing a bikini.

According to Daily Mail, Jessica Byrnes-Laird from Haughton, Louisiana, made a stop at a local convenience store with her boyfriend on Sunday. The two were coming back from the beach.

Surveillance video shows a group of men approaching their car and began to catcall at her.

Daily Mail reports that her boyfriend heard the catcalls and then approached the men. A fight then began.

The boyfriend eventually returned to the car, but one of the men allegedly got hold of a pipe and threw it into the passenger's side window. It hit Byrnes-Laird in the face.

The woman spoke to KTBS and said that she has at least ten broken teeth and several stitches - too many for her to count.

But her psychological state is in a far worse state.

"There's a little bit of fear, honestly, because going through this make you realize how delicate life is, and you never know what can happen," Byrnes-Laird told KTBS. "Things happen so suddenly, without warning.

"All the support that's been shown towards me, I'm so extremely thankful," Byrnes-Laird said.

A crowdfunding website has been set up to help the teen with her dental bills. More than $10,000 has been raised so far.

Police are trying to locate the suspects.