2 arrested in protest at Rowan University

Hundreds of people gathered on the grounds of Rowan University Thursday in a huge protest.

It was supposed to be a small demonstration with five members of a controversial Philadelphia church. However, it quickly turned into a campus-wide counter protest and shouting match at Rowan University.

The group from 'Key of David Christian Center' came to campus with their message against Muslims, homosexuals and controversial views on women. It set off a firestorm of opposition with students.

The protests got so large that police from other departments were called in to surround the church group.

SkyFOX drone flew over the dueling protests where the university says more than 500 people--mostly students--spilled out into the quad.

"These are professionals they know how to press buttons. they know the right words to say to get students really active. and they did it," Rowan University Spokesman Joe Carona said.

A Rowan staff member was one of two arrested for disorderly conduct after he says he threw a cup at the five original protestors.

"I was making a very rational decision. I knew what was going to happen. I knew what the repercussion was going to be," he said. "I just wanted to make a statement."

Three hours later, the church group was led away under heavy police escort. Meanwhile, the students' protest became a party celebrating inclusiveness.