2 Boy Scouts Are Challenging Americans to Show That Blue Lives Matter

With the recent events in the field of law enforcement, the Rosenberg Police Department had the opportunity to take part in the wonderful and heart felt challenge. Thank you Ethan and Trevor! FOX 26 Houston#eaglescoutchallenge Richmond Fire DepartmentABC12: Your Trusted Source! WJRT-TV KHOU 11 News KSAT 12 & KSAT.com#policelivesmatter #alllivesmatter

TEXAS--(FOX NEWS)--Two Boy Scouts in Texas are challenging the public to show that blue lives matter.

Brothers Ethan and Trevor Plumley, ages 13 and 10 respectively, came up with the social media challenge in the wake of deputy Darren Goforth's murder. The two boys say that officers aren't getting the respect that they deserve.

Plumley approached the nearby Rosenberg Police Department about the plan. The department then posted a video to its Facebook page to explain the rules of the challenge.

The Plumley boys are asking the public to shake a police officer's hand on video, share the video online, and challenge five others to do the same. They say people have one week to complete the challenge or they must donate $50 to the 100 Club's Survivor's Fund, which helps dependents of officers killed in the line of duty.

"They go to places other people don't want to go, and they help people through protecting us, and that's really important to me," Ethan said.

Photo: Rosenberg Police Department

Report via FOX News