2 killed in plane crash were on medical flight to get patient

Two pilots killed when a small plane crashed in New Jersey were on a medical flight to pick up a patient in Massachusetts for care in Philadelphia.

"There was no distress call made by the pilot about any issues with the airplane," NTSB investigator Tim Monville said.

Federal investigators worked Thursday the scene of crash that killed a pilot and co-pilot who were embarking upon a potentially-lifesaving mission.

The NTSB is probing a field area along Smithville -Jacksonville Road in Springfield Township where the Wednesday morning tragedy took place.

"We know it impacted an open field and then went through several rows of trees or a row of trees across the road, some more trees and then went beyond that in another field," NTSB investigator Tim Monville said.

FOX 29 has learned the twin engine Hawker Beechcraft 58 Baron went down after being in the air for about 6 minutes once it took off from South Jersey Regional Airport in Lumberton.

Officials say it claimed to 1,300 feet going Northeast before trouble began.

"The airplane was observed on radar in a right descending turn and was lost from radar," Monville said.

Officials say pilot Robert Winner, of Marlton, and co-pilot Timothy Scannevin, of Southampton, were flying a mission for Angel Flight East. Both were killed.

Angel Flight East, which runs free, non-emergency air transport for health needs says the two men were headed to Hyannis, MA. to get a patient traveling to Philadelphia for treatment.

The organization released a statement saying in part:

"The directors and staff of Angel Flight East are deeply saddened that this accident occurred, and their thoughts and prayers are with Robert and Timothy, and their loved ones."

The NTSB says it will gather up the debris and reconstruct the plane to see exactly what caused the crash.