2 NJ teens arrested for allegedly using racial slurs at football game

UPDATE: Police: Teen did not urinate on girl at Lawrence High School football game

Two New Jersey teenagers have been arrested and face several charges for harassment, bias intimidation and lewdness.

The teens are accused of hurling racist slurs at a group of black middle school students during a football game between Lawrenceville High School and Steinert High School on Friday night.

The teens, both 17-year-olds of Indian descent, are in custody of the Lawrence Township Police Department.

“Any and everyone who was there who participated in this needs to be held accountable,” Darren Freedom Green said. “Lawrence is sending a message that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.”

Darren Freedom Green spoke on behalf of the family of one of the young girls who says she was among the group of black middle schoolers called the n-word by seniors in the stands. 

Green says the kids tried to tell adults including police officers at the game about what was happening but were simply told to move to the other side of the field.

 “These young beautiful queens went and told the law enforcement officers what was occurring and they did nothing they need to be held accountable for that,” Freedom-Green said. “What were you waiting on? A fight to escalate?”

The family says the Lawrence Police Chief Brian Caloiaro and Mayor Christopher Bobbitt both jumped into action as word of the incident spread on social media.

"As I have said publicly before, hate has no home in Lawrence Township. As someone that has felt its sting, I know that bigotry exists and sadly will continue to exist but that doesn’t mean that I give up," Mayor Bobbitt wrote on Facebook Saturday morning. "Instead I look to find allies that will help me fight the cancer of bigotry."

By Sunday evening, investigators announced the arrest of both teens who are believed to be students at Lawrence High School.

The school district posted on Facebook that it is working with the police department to investigate.