3 dead after transit van crashes into truck, catches fire on Media Bypass in Delco

A tragic crash involving a dumpster truck and a community transit van claimed the lives of three people in Upper Providence Tuesday morning.

The truck was stopped in traffic waiting to exit the Media Bypass onto Route 252 when it was struck from behind by the van, which then caught fire.

"We’re just sad that this happened," Nick Miccarelli, with DelGo Community Transit stated. "I mean, for us, we pride ourselves on providing safe trips for our clients. That didn’t happen today."

DelGo’s top executive says the driver of the van had safety training prior to his nine months on the job and a clean driving record.

The non-profit, providing some 650 rides, daily, to the elderly and medically challenged, had picked up its two passengers, both from Delaware County and was on its way to Riddle Hospital.

DelGo’s vans are equipped with vehicle tracking equipment. Miccarelli explained, "We have systems in place but in an accident of this nature, we're still determining whether it was destroyed in the accident."

Police say two motorists pulled the passengers from the back of the burning van, but they died before paramedics arrived.

Route 1 south remained closed through the morning while a motorist, who drives the route, often says backups are common.

"It’s always backed up, anytime of the day. I work in this building and I would take it to Widener University. Every single day, I would sit in traffic, no matter what time," Liam Montgomery remarked.

The names of the victims are being withheld as relatives are being contacted.

Accident investigation specialists are investigating, including going over the van. Officials with NTSB have been in touch.