3-year-old boy seriously injured in I-95 crash during police chase

A 3-year-old boy was seriously injured in a crash that happened during a police chase on I-95 Wednesday. Police were in pursuit of 20-year-old Dejuan Robinson, who is a person of interest in two homicides in Delaware.

Meghan Stone Kirts says she was driving northbound on I-95 late Wednesday morning, heading from Baltimore to New York with her husband, young son and daughter when the crash happened.

"I remember seeing a black car coming up on the side and taking out my driver's side mirror," she told FOX 29.

Inside that black Acura, authorities believe was 20-year-old Dejuan Robinson. Moments earlier, Wilmington police had tried to arrest Robinson at 12th and Rosemont in the city on gun violations, but he got away heading north toward Philly with Wilmington police, Delaware State Police and later Pennsylvania State Police in hot pursuit.

Kirtz says as she passed the PHL, a couple of minutes after the Acura had clipped them, their Chrysler Sebring was slammed into by multiple police cars.

"It was at least two to three minute distance," Kirtz explained. "They were well behind him. He was like booking."

FOX 29's Bruce Gordon asked, "And you never heard a siren or saw lights?" Kirtz replied, "No, never seen anything until there were right there, slamming into me. We got pinned in. I ended up kicking out a passenger side window just to get everybody out."

3-year-old David was badly injured and is currently at a hospital in Philadelphia.

"My son is right now in critical but stable condition. He just went down for an MRI to check the injury of his spinal chord and to see how bad the brain bleeds are," Kirtz said. "They've found several brain bleeds in his head."

The crash left a Wilmington police car upside down, and two department officers injured. One day later, Wilmington's chief of police told reporters that depending on the circumstances his officers would be permitted to continue their chase into Pennsylvania.

"In your hot pursuit, you can continue across state lines on felonies," Wilmington Police Chief Robert Tracy said.

Chief Tracy revealed for the first time that there were four people inside Robinson's car during the chase and not three as previously reported.

And, said the chief, when the chase ended with the black Acura crashing into a SEPTA bus in South Philadelphia.

"Witnesses said that individuals that did jump out of that vehicle, after hitting the bus, someone saw them with a gun displayed in their waistband," Chief Tracy said.

Tracy says a full review of his officers' actions is now underway.

"Could it be a training issue or could it be discipline? And I'm waiting to see all those things come in place, so I don't want to make a comment because of the rights of the officers, right now at this point," Chief Tracy said.

A GoFundMe page has been setup to help the family if you wish to donate, please click here.