6-month-old puppy found with muzzle taped and chain with weight wrapped around his neck

"That's the first thing my wife said God sent us to this dog to save this dog," said Randy Abke.

It's not unusual for Abke and his wife to take a walk on a desolate road near their home in far northwest Waller County.

But on Sunday when they reached the fork in the road Abke chose a different path.

"We never go to the right we always go to the left," Abke said. "And for some reason I stopped at that culvert it's almost like God sent me there"

This is what Abke found in that culvert.

A puppy with his muzzle taped shut and a heavy weight on a chain wrapped around his neck.

"My wife said oh my God she just sat down there on the street and started bawling," Abke said.

Abke called the Waller County Sheriff's Department.

"Our animal control along with sheriff's deputies responded and found a puppy with a chain around his neck and his mouth taped shut thrown in the bottom of a creek bed," said Waller County Corporal Bryan Mace.

"This is extremely unusual," Mace said. "We've received calls in the past for animal cruelty but in my 7 years with the sheriff's department this is the first time I've seen anything like this."

"I would have gave this dog 48 hours after I seen him," Abke said.

The puppy got a clean bill of health and will be up for adoption soon.

"I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around," Abke said. "it may not get you today it may not cost you today but before you face the good lord you're going to get yours."

Law officers are hoping someone will recognize the dog or have information about whoever is responsible for such a cruel heartless act.

A reward is now being offered.

Anyone with information should contact the Waller County Sheriff's Department.