7 more hospitals, including Doylestown, are recipients of COVID vaccine, state officials say

Seven additional Pennsylvania hospitals have received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, and, state officials announce, staff members will be vaccinated, according to the state’s vaccination plan.

According to Governor Tom Wolf, 97,500 doses of the vaccine are set to go to 87 hospitals across the state by December 21. Of this new distribution, Doylestown Hospital, in Bucks County, has received the vaccine. Geisinger Wyoming Valley, in Wilkes Barre, has also received the vaccine.


Speaking in a press briefing , PEMA Director Randy Padfield explained the state’s plan to distribute the coronavirus vaccine will not change because of the forecasted Nor’easter, but will work with Operation Warp Speed shippers in case roads become treacherous as the shippers make their way across Pennsylvania in the snow.

“All the shippers have a contingency plan in place for severe weather. So, they have the ability to be able to hold the shipment if it’s unsafe to be able to travel. However, we have the ability to be able to also, the Commonwealth Response Coordination Center, route them the best way to be able to get to their destination, because we have, all the state agencies have the best read on road conditions. So there are no changes to the plan, right now,” Director Padfield explained.

The Philadelphia County Health Department received 13,650 doses of the vaccine and are distributing those throughout Philadelphia’s hospitals. State officials indicated distribution to hospitals is determined by the ability to store the vaccine at the extreme cold temperature necessary.

Health officials went on to say more hospitals will receive the vaccine as it becomes available.

“These first doses of vaccine are being given specifically to health care workers through hospitals,” Dr. Rachel Levine said. “Hospitals are making arrangements to implement these vaccinations, not only to their own frontline staff but to other high-priority recipients. The number of people we can immunize truly depends on how quickly the manufacturers can make the vaccine.”



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