As coronavirus vaccine is delivered, security along the way is at all-time high

The coronavirus vaccine is in high demand and with that demand, comes a call for high security to see it is delivered safely.

It’s no secret the vaccines for COVID-19 are the hottest commodity in the world. With demand expected to be high, security along the vaccine pipeline to the public is tight.

The vaccine is being shipped via plane and trucks nationwide by UPS and FedEx. Deliveries are being closely monitored. All vaccine shipments are temperature controlled. They have GPS trackers so doses arrive safely, ready to be administered.

“So wait and remain healthy until it’s your turn, but it obviously has to be done in some type of organized way,” Counter Terrorism Expert Joseph Sullivan stated.


Still, experts believe there will most certainly be a black market for the vaccines as people try to skip ahead of those scheduled to get vaccines first. Sullivan says authorities are worried about possible counterfeit vaccines.

“You have members of criminal organizations that have been trying to sell fake vaccines for several months now,” Sullivan commented.

Sullivan says the FBI and INTERPOL are closely watching black market and organized criminal groups that might try to steal vaccine shipments. Experts say urgent care facilities and pharmacies are just two local points in the delivery chain that could be targets once the vaccines reach that level.

“If they believe the vaccine is in there, necessary security steps have to be taken,” Sullivan added.



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