96-year-old veteran tackles indoor skydiving in King of Prussia

In the navy, in submarine, in WWII Bill Grun proved his bravery.

"Four main battles. Okinawa. Iwo Jima. Guyan Gulf and Halsey's Typhoon which was the worst of all.

Now, more than 70-years later at the age of 96, Grun is setting his sights on a new challenge.

"All of us at whatever age need to try to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zone to make the most of what you have."

Grun and a group of his much younger friends … in their 80's … from Wesley Enhanced Living in Doylestown won't let Grun go it alone.

"Oh, excited."

Grun credits genetics for his vitality. Still, he keeps his mind sharp teaching middle school full time. He keeps fit by biking ten miles a day. Did we mention he's 96?

"Here's the thing. I'm half Bill's age and I'm scared."

With one hundred mile per hour winds whipping and whirling me around the I-fly tunnel in King of Prussia, I thought to myself, there's no way Bill really enjoyed this, especially all that wind blowing up his nose.

"It feels like you're in a clothes dryer."

And if Mr. Grun didn't already have your spirits soaring, listen to this.

"What's next for you? What's next? I guess skydiving. The real thing? The real thing, from about 20 feet. Hahahah!!!"