A lot of wind and driving rain batter Jersey shore

Severe weather rattles the region and some of the worst of that weather is at the Jersey shore.

It's windy and raining quite a lot. People were enjoying the day earlier Saturday, but the late afternoon brought the severe conditions.

In Atlantic City, brave folks managed to stock up on ponchos in order to get in a little more beach or boardwalk time.

Some roadway flooding is expected. Streets in Wildwood, New Jersey were experiencing flooding Saturday afternoon.

People in Wildwood say the water was even higher before the tide went out. Washed out roads in West Wildwood led to creative ways for those vacationing down the shore.

It was slow going in storm drenched Wildwood where heavy evening rains flooded some intersections and swaths of roadway.

On the turn into town, just off Rio Grande Avenue, police closed off water logged streets. Some people just skipped the car. Some skipped shoes.

It was further into town where standing water drew a creative response from co-workers Denise and Danielle.

"We can't drive so we might as well kayak," said Denise.

"It got deeper. I didn't realize. And, I was like, 'Wow!' said Danielle.

"We made it probably a full block, but it gets a little scary because there are cars and everything, too," Denise added.

So, they headed back to the shore house, where it was far from a washout. It was a veritable island oasis.

Back in Atlantic City, driving rain left behind a soggy, slick boardwalk. Swimsuits were swapped for yellow ponchos. And, a frothy wind tossed sea too treacherous for kayaks and swimmers alike. Sisters Kadeesh and Lisa Smith were taking no chances.

"The wind will blow the umbrella in the ocean. We don't want to be 'Mary Poppins,'" said Kadeesh.

People often underestimate the power of water. It takes only 12 inches of water to carry a small car. Two feet of water can carry most vehicles. If there is enough water on a road that the surface can't be seen, it is best to turn around and find an alternate route. Never drive through flood water.

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