A Toddler Found a Bag of Crystal Meth While Christmas Shopping With Mom at Walmart

(INSIDE EDITION)- It was a family shopping trip to the local Walmart, where Lindsey Combs need to pick up a few Christmas gifts she had placed on layaway and let her two kids sit on Santa's lap.

But in the checkout line, her 14-month-old daughter bent down and picked up a small plastic bag that was on the floor.

"I told her to put it down," Combs said, "but she picked it up again and took it to her dad … He looked at me and said 'Is this drugs?''' WYMT-TVreported.

When the Whitesburg, Kentucky, police showed up the verdict was yes, they are drugs. The bag's contents were crystal meth, authorities said.

"It's not the first time this has happened," Police Chief Tyrone Fields told the station. "People will drop pills out of their pockets, needles out of their pocket," he said.

Combs said she and husband were very bothered by their daughter's discovery.

"I don't even know what to say … It's very shocking that that was just laying (sic) on the floor at Walmart," she said.

Police hoped to catch the person who dropped the drugs by examining the store's security videos.

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