A year after being stolen, New Jersey man's dog is returned

A New Jersey man has been reunited with his dog, more than a year after the pooch was stolen from his car.

The dog-napping happened in Virginia when the owner was on vacation.

A few days ago the Yorkie was taken in as a stray by Richmond Animal Care and Control.

The dog's microchip showed that their owner lived in Wall Township. The owner wasn't able to drive to Virginia, so volunteers from the shelter drove the dog to New Jersey on Thursday.

"None of us felt comfortable shipping the dog so we asked if any of our volunteers felt like a road trip," the shelter posted on Facebook. "In 5 minutes we had multiple people offering to drive this pup home."

"We all needed a little reminder that this world is full of wonderful people and that love and kindness will always win," the shelter wrote.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.