Adventure Aquarium welcomes baby penguin chicks

Early this morning, Camden's Adventure Aquarium announced the birth of two new female penguins.

African penguin Lemmie was born on March 29, while a soon-to-be-named little blue penguin was born on April 22.

The birth of Lemmie is a triumph for parents Cliff and Mouse, who have been struggling to breed for a long time. The little blue penguin is also the first for parents Sapphire and Bloke.

Starting May 13, the aquarium will hold a naming contest for the little blue chick. The options are Kirra, meaning "leaf" and "to live"; Talia, meaning "near water"; and Terra, which means "Earth" in Latin. A name will be chosen in June.

To vote, change can be donated at the voting station in the aquarium's Main Lobby. All profits will help wild little blue penguins and the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife's Manly little penguin colony restoration.

"Both sets of parents have been very attentive to their little girls," says Michele Pagel, the aquarium's Curator of Birds and Mammals. "From day one, these moms and dads have been amazing."