An Entire Pennsylvania Town Smelled Like Cat Urine and Officials Don't Know Why

(INSIDE EDITION)- Environmental officials in Pennsylvania tried to sniff out why an entire town smelled like cat urine last year but they can't find an answer, according to reports.

Residents of Shenango Township noticed the odor last year and contacted Pennsylvania environmental officials in October 2014.

Resident Lisa DeSantis brought up the issue at a recent meeting of commissioners and asked if they had found the cause of the smell, New Castle News reports.

But the state's Department of Environmental Protection report was inconclusive.

The DEP says it is likely that the smell was created by some kind of waste which contains mesityl oxide, which is used in paint remover, mixed with a type of sulfur. Air samples and testing of substances at the town's sewage plant did not indicate a source of the substances.

"No specific industry or waste stream could be definitively identified as the exact cause of the odor," the DEP testing report concluded.

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