Anti-police sign in neighborhood yard angers law enforcement in SE Houston

In a tense climate in America where civilians and cops are being killed, this is the last thing you expect to see in Sunny Side. A big bold sign that reads "F- the police".

27-year-old Vanetta says she proudly posted the sign at her home on a major thoroughfare in southeast Houston where there is a constant flow of traffic.

A sign when flipped to the back says "Black Power" and "Black Men are kings and not the N-word".

I told Skinner it was a law enforcement officer who happens to be Black who called me about the sign. An officer who was offended. She says her brother is a police officer and 'oh well'.

Skinner says the sign was originally posted two months ago after an encounter she had in her neighborhood with a White police officer. Despite the conflict, deaths, and strained relations going on in this country, she is still standing by her sign.

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