Anti-violence rally held after 3 shot in Kensington

"It happened literally right here were we're standing," said 25-year old Carlos Sanchez as he stood in front of a memorial for his cousin Ricky. He was gunned down on this corner of Thayer and Jasper Street in Kensington a year ago. It's the same street where three other people were shot Tuesday including another one of Sanchez's cousins.

"It's a bunch of mixed emotions and a lot of hurting because we understand what being in the streets come with but the way it happened was a big bother," said Sanchez.

He says his 22-year-old his cousin is on life support and police say another man and a pregnant woman shot are also in critical condition. Some neighbors are worried about retaliation.

"Some people out of anger might react the wrong way and we don't need anyone else getting hurt or losing their freedom because of how they want to act towards the situation," said Sanchez.

Thursday evening Philadelphia Ceasefire set up on Thayer Street to try and calm fears and call for an end to gun violence.

"The main thing is we got to take our blocks back sometimes it's one block at time or just make it known not on my block," said Colwin Williams with Philadelphia Ceasefire.

Dorothy Whelan is a block captain on a nearby street and came out to support neighbors.

"We had drugs, we had shootings and I had a neighbor on my block that got killed," said Whelan.

Sanchez says he hopes Philadelphia Ceasefire reaches community members.

"It does help some because some people may actually listen and may think before they act but then there's a lot of people that doesn't," he said.

Police have not released a motive in the shooting.