April Fools' Day: Pennsylvania police join in with UFO sightings, speed limit increases

Expect the unexpected on April Fools' Day - even from your local law enforcement!

Several police departments around the Delaware Valley decided to join in on the fun with some pranks of their own!

In Upper Makefield Township, police changed the meaning of some common road signs "in an effort to match driving habits."

Stop signs became "slow down to 5 mph before continuing" signs as speed limit signs increased from 55 to 65 mph, 65 to 80 mph, and 70 mph to no speed limit.

Salisbury Township stuck to the speed limit theme with an "Important Traffic Safety Message" increasing speed limits throughout the township.

"We understand that speeding has been an issue in our township… we have decided the most logical and practical course of action would be to simply increase the speed limits on our roadways. With higher posted speed limits, fewer vehicles would technically be considered 'speeding,' hence lower traffic crash rates."


Then, police in Lower Pottsgrove Township orchestrated an "out of this world" prank on their community.

The department issued a "Special Alert" about reported UFO sightings in the area - photo included.

"We have received several reports overnight of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the south side of our township, and we are actively investigating the reports."

They asked for anyone with home surveillance of the UFOs to contact them immediately.

Keep an eye out!