Aston Township Enforcing Halloween Weekend Curfew

"I think it's a little extreme," said Melissa Powell. She's surprised to learn about a curfew put in place by Aston Commissioners for Halloween weekend.

"The entire weekend? It's Halloween and 9:00 that's a little early to me but that's just me," said Powell. Her 12-year old son Rob has a different perspective.

"I think it's kind of acceptable because you can be going and damaging people's property and nobody really wants that. And I think it's a little too dark and a little to late to be out trick or treating after dark," said Rob.

Aston Township Commissioners say the curfew ordinance has been on the books for more than two decades. It states that children under 18 must be off the streets by 9pm to sunrise each night over Halloween weekend. It's in effect Friday through Sunday, November 1st. The only exception is children who are out with their parents. Commissioners issued a reminder at their board meeting last Wednesday.

"Whereas a temporary 9pm curfew at Halloween time reduced criminal mischief offenses and reports over the years," said Commissioner James McGinn who is the Chairman of the Police Committee.

Erika Kester heard about the curfew today at her school Sun Valley High.

"Our principal at the end of the day was like everyone make sure you're in by 9 because of mischief night and be safe. Don't do anything you shouldn't be doing," said Kester. She and her friend Brianna Oldham have mixed feelings about the curfew ordinance.

"I feel like 9 is a little early but it does make sense," said Kester. "I think it's a good idea but I don't think very many people listen to it because a lot of people go out for Halloween," said Oldham.

If kids are caught out past 9:00 police will take them home or to the police station to wait for their parents to pick them up. There's no fine or citation associated with the curfew ordinance.