Atlantic City police officer presented with new ballistic vest

An Atlantic City police officer received a new bulletproof vest after his was damaged when he and another officer were shot in the line of duty.

On Friday, there was a special presentation for Atlantic City Police Officer Thomas McCabe. He was presented with a new ballistic vest by The Safariland Group and Atlantic Tactical as a part of their Heroic Action Replacement Program.

Police say Officer McCabe's vest was damaged on September 3, 2016, after he and his partner, Officer Josh Vadell, interrupted three males being robbed at gunpoint. Officer Vadell was shot and wounded by one of the suspects, according to police. Officer McCabe was also shot at, but he was able to return fire striking the suspect.

The presenters of the vest were Alex Broder from Atlantic Tactical and Dominick Provisiero from The Safariland Group.

Officer McCabe said during the presentation, "I'm proud to be an Atlantic City cop. Even with everything going on, I couldn't imagine being with another department."