Attempted homicide suspect claimed police beating as teen

Two people in Bucks County are dead after a shooting Friday night. Police have one person in custody and they search for a second shooter.

At Weston and Elmhurst in Bristol's Winder Village, a small memorial stands. It marks the spot where the young victim of May 4th's shooting fell.

A driveway across the street is where neighbor Mike Archer saw the second victim.

"Five or six shots, then a pause for 30 seconds, and a bunch more shots. I saw one down on the side of the street. The other on the other side," Archer said.

The gunplay rang out at 7 p.m. Friday night when, according to neighbors, words were exchanged between two groups.

Facing attempted homicide and weapons charges is 18-year-old Joseph Williams of Bristol.

Investigators released Williams' mug shot, but some may remember his battered and bruised face from a 2013 incident with Tullytown police.

Handcuffed after allegedly shoplifting in a Walmart, Williams fell on his face, said police, after he was tazed while trying to run from officers.

"My son is an innocent 14-year-old. He doesn't deserve what happened to him," Williams' mother stated at the time.

The case drew national attention to the issue of alleged police brutality, but an investigation cleared the cops.

Williams' troubles apparently continued. Neighbors said he'd been home for just a few hours Friday on a weekend pass from a juvenile institution, when he's alleged to have fired.

"Young people are violent. They can't stop fighting, can't let go. They're going to retaliate with a gun. Violence is no good," stated a neighbor.

His great-grandfather refused to comment, Monday, on the 18-year-old now being held.

Neighbors are calling for peace.

"It's a shame. They had just begun to live," said the neighbor.