Bear is Euthanized After Health Declines from Stress of Losing Partner

It is with much grief and heavy hearts that the staff of Capron Park Zoo announces that on September 7, 2015 our...

ATTLEBORO, Mass. - A lonely bear at the Capron Park Zoo was euthanized on Monday, after losing his longtime partner.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Zoo announced that Goof, the 27-year-old Sloth Bear, rapidly deteriorated after losing his partner Amy.

The two bears parented three cubs together at the Massachusetts Zoo.

Goof who arrived at the zoo in 1990, began to battle several diseases as he aged, including liver cancer and heart disease.

The Zoo claims that Goof became stressed after the loss of his partner, causing him to decline more rapidly.

"The double loss of Amy and Goof has devastated the entire staff of the zoo," the Zoo wrote on their Facebook page. "We thank the community for all the support you've given us."