Bird rescue takes in swearing parrot

A North Bay bird rescue has a unique case on its hands; a parrot that curses.

"That's the only bird in this whole house that cusses," said John Lloyd laughing. Lloyd founded 'Birds of a Feather' to help abused, neglected, and unwanted birds.

Kayla, a Congo African Grey Parrot, came to Birds of a Feather less than two weeks ago and made her presence known.

"I was sitting in the chair one evening and I hear 'I gotta poop'," Lloyd said. "I just looked back and went, 'Go in your cage and poop!' And she says 'Shut the [expletive] up!'" Lloyd said the 6-year-old bird called his wife something not fit to print. "She has a definite potty mouth."

When KTVU was at the rescue Tuesday afternoon, the bird was silent; camera shy even. Lloyd said she came to him because she didn't get along with her owner. That's one of the better rescue stories he has.

"I see a lot," Lloyd said getting choked up. "I've had so many birds come here that were abused and died that it kills me. It just flat kills me."

Lloyd is a bit of a bird whisperer, getting kisses from most of the parrots and cockatoos and more that he's rehabilitated and tamed. "People don't realize that this is a lifetime commitment," Lloyd said, pointing out that many birds outlive humans.

Lloyd hopes Kayla, the cursing parrot, can be re-homed. "First, I've got to reprogram her," Lloyd said petting the bird's crown. "So she's not cussing all the time!"