Blanketed by sleet and snow, normally busy West Chester is quieted by winter weather

St. Agnes Parish in West Chester has seen many storms in its over 200 years of existence.

Monday morning in front of the big, stone structures, snow blowing and salting was the order of the day.

A half block away, a group of buddies gathered on a small hill and put their balance to the test. Just like in this time of the pandemic, for some it’s a smooth ride. For others, it’s a tumble on a bumpy path.

"Well, we got stuck inside because of all the snow, so it is the only thing we could figure out to do, come out here with a skateboard and ride it without wheels," explained Jack Taraschi.

West Chester, the often bustling county seat for Chester County, was quiet throughout the day, Monday.

Some businesses opened their doors, others remained shuttered while the sleet bounced off everything it hit, layering the town in a coating of ice.

Roads were snow covered, but passable for those willing to venture out.

A better form of transportation on the first day of February – not a skateboard, but a slow, careful walk.

"It’s cold. I hate the snow. I wish it were warmer, but I got a little snow day with friends," stated Victor Jones.

"Not a bad day at all?" asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

"No, not a bad day," Jones replied.

Due to the weather, COVID-19 vaccine sites in Chester County will be closed Tuesday. Those with appointments are being rescheduled. To learn more, visit the Chester County Health Department website, here.


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