Bomb squad removes explosive device after suspects try to blow up ATM in Olney: police

An attempted robbery at a variety store in Philadelphia’s Olney section required the help of a bomb squad early Wednesday morning.

An employee told police that three men entered the store on the 4700 block of North 5th Street with what appeared to be a stick of dynamite.

It was actually an illegal improvised explosive device, which the suspects placed inside the money slot of an ATM inside the store, according to authorities.

After attempting the light the fuse, which did not burn, police say the suspects fled the store and never returned. 


The store and surrounding area was evacuated by police as a bomb squad removed the device from the ATM, and put it in a safe container to transport back to headquarters.

The explosive device was found to be a six-inches long, and one inch in diameter with a three-inch fuze.

"It will do damage to an ATM and it will cause very, very severe injuries to someone that's holding it or standing near it," said Chief Small. "So this is a very, very dangerous device."

Small went on to say they were "very, very lucky" that the device did not explode. No injuries were reported, and there was no damage to the ATM.

Surveillance footage caught the entire incident, according to authorities. An investigation is underway.