Bon Jovi Surprises Fan Battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer at His Restaurant: 'I'm Still on Cloud Nine'

A Bon Jovi mega fan received the shock of her life when, while browsing the menu at the rock star's restaurant, the man himself emerged -- surprising her with a special appearance during dinner.

In a video posted by her daughter, Carol Cesario of New Jersey can be seen doing a double take, before she begins crying as the "I'll Be There for You" singer takes a seat next to her at the table with her closest family and friends.

"He's so down to earth," Cesario told through tears. "It's just unbelievable, it's made my life."

In fact, daughter Rosie Skripkunis planned the whole thing, in an attempt to cheer up Cesario, who is battling stage four lung cancer.

Skripkunis told her mom was diagnosed with the deadly disease after a trip to the emergency room for a cough. By the time she was diagnosed, the cancer had already spread to her adrenal glands and her spleen.

Though the tumors are shrinking in response to chemotherapy, her mom still has a long way to go before she is declared in remission. Her family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses.

During her battle, friends and family posted various Bon Jovi gifs, pictures and songs on her Facebook page, "Carol Kicking Cancers Ass," in an attempt to cheer her up.

Skripkunis even made a heartfelt Facebook post, pleading for friends with connections to help her mom meet Bon Jovi.

"Her dream is to meet Bon Jovi. Since the 80s she has loved him," the post read. "She deserves to have her dream come true."

Skripkunis even joked to that her mom loved Bon Jovi, "long enough to have cassettes, apparently."

The post also included a picture with a sign reading, "Please share so I can meet Bon Jovi."

Sure enough, the post was passed around Facebook friends, and eventually made it an online community of photographers. One person eventually came forward and offered to pass along the information.

Before she knew it, Skripkunis received the phone call.

Bon Jovi's publicist contacted her, and she said "I was freaking out."

They set a date, and Skripkunis gathered their friends and family, and set a date to visit the JBJ Soul Kitchen, where diners are asked to donate either $10 or more for a meal, and people who cannot afford to can work in the kitchen to pay the bill.

Skripkunis told her mom the restaurant was offering to cover their meal in exchange for the highly-shared post. Of course, the surprise appearance by Bon Jovi was covered, too.

"I thought I was just going to be with my family," Cesario told "But when he walked in, oh my god. I'm still on cloud nine from what happened."

For nearly two hours, the New Jersey rock star mingled with her family. They listened to his new album, and the New Jersey rocker even gifted Cesario a signed guitar and book at the end of the visit.

Since the meeting over the weekend, Skripkunis said her mom has been glowing, and believes Bon Jovi's appearance was speeding up her road to recovery.

Perhaps sleeping with the autographed book under her pillow has been playing a part in it.

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