Boy, 14, charged in Delaware gun store heist accused of additional burglaries, robberies

Investigators believe a 14-year-old boy used a flatbed truck to ram through the front of a Delaware gun store and steal handguns. They believe he is responsible for at least six other thefts in less than two weeks. 

The teen, who was not publicly identified by police, was taken into custody on Tuesday, a day after the heist at Miller's Gun Center in New Castle. The boy is facing 16 felony counts of theft of a firearm, two counts of third-degree burglary, and other crimes. 

Investigators believe he worked alone to rob the family-owned store on Memorial Day, using a flat bed truck to ram through the front of the business. Police later found the truck parked behind a business on Dupont Highway, roughly 7 miles north of Miller's Gun Center. 

The Memorial Day gun store heist is believed to be just one in a roughly two-weeks-long stretch of burglaries and robberies carried out by the teen. Investigators say on May 15, the teen robbed a Walgreens on Philadelphia Pike at knifepoint and two days later used a rock to smash through the glass window of a nearby flower shop.


14-year-old boy charged in Delaware gun shop burglary

Investigators say a 14-year-old boy is facing charges after several firearms were stolen from a Delaware gun shop on Memorial Day.

The teen is accused of stealing money and items from the business during the early morning burglary, and took the keys to a Chevy Express van that he used to flee the flower shop before police arrived. The van was later recovered by police about 1.5 miles away at a condo community. 

Investigators say from May 22 through May 27 the teen is suspected of burglarizing four medical centers in North Wilmington by using a brick or tool to break through glass doors or windows. It's alleged the teen suspect stole money and medical supplies from each business.

Owner of the gun shop, Robert Miller, stated, "What’s it say about our society that a 14-year-old is involved in that type of activity and has no parental supervision?"

Police recovered only some of the guns, but not all. Miller continued, "Unfortunately, some of the ones they did not recover will probably end up in some crime scene somewhere. Law enforcement will get them back, at that point."

Owner of Belak Flowers, John Williams, commented, "We figured he was probably looking for cash. He did ransack one of the officers, but that was the extent of it. If my kid was out at 2 a.m., I would know about it, or I hope I’d know about it."

The teen, who is already facing charges in the robbery of Miller's Gun Center, was also being charged with numerous other crimes. He was arraigned in New Castle County and taken to a detention center on $25,000 cash bond.