Boy born with severe brain malformation defies odds to celebrate 2nd birthday

Orlando, Fla.--If you wanted a picture of what miraculous looks like, Jaxon Buell could be it. Jaxon was born with a rare condition called microhydranencephaly, in which his little brain stopped growing in utero and why his skull is now misshapen. On top of that, he has fluid on the brain.

His prognosis was that maybe he would make his two month birthday, and he would never talk, hear, hold himself up. But guess what? He's doing all of that and more. And he just celebrated his second birthday on August 27.

"We try to take every day one day at a time," his father, Brandon Buell, told back in December. "Even though he's doing extremely well-- and we're hoping and praying it continues-- we don't know what's around the corner for him. He has a severe disability he's up against, but it doesn't define him."

Photos and videos that document Jaxon's journey can be found on his father Brandon's Facebook page, where his parents are using the hashtag #JaxonStrong to help spread awareness of their son's plight.