Bucks County grocery stores reporting recent grocery theft in the hundreds of dollars

Multiple reports of robberies at local grocery stores and, in at least one instance, hundreds of dollars worth of groceries were stolen. It has police and shoppers concerned.

"The price of food, the price of gas, everything. It’s just nuts, but it still doesn’t give people the right to steal," shopper Marie stated.

Outside a Lower Makefield Township supermarket, in Bucks County, patrons come and go on a rainy Saturday. Earlier in the week, police say the ShopRite had not one, but two reports of retail theft.


Shopper Melissa Dryer remarked, "I mean, prices are higher, so maybe, people are a little desperate. I don’t know."

Last week, thieves stole $600 worth of groceries from a Morrisville Giant. Shoppers believe inflation is hitting people hard.

"I can’t imagine somebody with children and, maybe, no job. How do you feed them? How do you tell them there’s no food at night?" shopper Greg Patton questioned.

Lower Makefield Police are investigating the cases where retailers report the thefts.

"Different stores have different policies on whether or not they want to pursue charges. It also depends on the dollar amount of the groceries," explained Corp. Gerard Scherf, with the Lower Makefield Police.