Bucks County Volunteers Prepare To Help Homeless During Frigid Winter

LEVITTOWN, PA (WTXF)- It may be only a little wet today, but soon enough temperatures will be dropping to dangerous levels.

When they do, it's the homeless in our area who will suffer most.

That's why a group of volunteers in Lower Bucks County is coming to the rescue.

Advocates for Homeless and Those in Need is a group that's now busy preparing for those frigid temperatures.

It's transforming part of the Emmaus Road Lutheran Church in Levittown, into a shelter for the homeless men and women of Bucks County.

When thermometers drop below 26 degrees outside the designated December shelter will offer a cot, clothes, and hot meals for those who have nowhere else to go.

"Some of them have no hope, so if we can give them hope, and love, and let them know that we care about them, that's the first step. Because some of these folks don't have any family left or friends. They've burned all their bridges," explained Penny Martin of the Advocates for Homeless and Those in Need.

Those out in the cold can catch a shuttle ride to the church from six designated stops in Bucks County.

The whole thing is part of year-round effort to help get the homeless back on their feet.