Burlington County PROCOPS Awards Banquet honors law enforcement and citizens

Local heroes recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty. The stories that come out of events such as PROCOPS are always incredible. They are stories that don’t begin well, but end well, because of people who care about others and go out of their way to help.

John Bishop accepts a Citizen Hero award for saving a woman just seconds away from being sexually assaulted.

"I was overwhelmed but very grateful," said Bishop, whose family joined him for the PROCOPS Awards Banquet which honors law enforcement and citizens for exceptional acts.

"They’re happy. Very happy and proud of me," he added.

FOX 29 reported on the attempted sexual assault which happened just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon in June of 2019.


Bishop left work and turned onto Route 73, in Mount Laurel, when he saw a man dragging a woman down into a wooded area. He threw his car in park and went after them. He says he found the man, who police said had a knife, on top of the woman.

"I said ‘Hey what are you doing? Get off her!’ I used some salty language and I told him I was an off-duty cop and that I had a gun. And he came right at me," Bishop described. They fought and Bishop was able to drag the man back up to the road.

"It was a bad thing he was going to do," Bishop commented.

The woman, who only wants to be identified as Yao, was also at the banquet and spoke through a translator.

"I’m very grateful for what he did for me. I was given a second chance at life," said translator Stan He for Yao.

Law enforcement K-9 Creed and his partner were also honored. Officials explained a man they were trying to arrest stabbed the K-9 in the process. Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina says the event is much needed.

"Especially at this time when there’s a lot of negativity around. It’s a great night to celebrate some really good accomplishments," Coffina said.



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