Camden County College hosts drive-thru graduation celebration

Hundreds of Camden County College graduates packed into cars on Sunday morning and convoyed through the campus as part of a mobile drive-thru graduation celebration.

Proud graduates hung out the windows and doors of vehicles decorated with balloons, streamers and signs as the motorcade snaked past cheerful crowds of staff and faculty. 

"As things have loosened up a little bit we wanted to give our students something where they can celebrate, be back on campus, kind of be together as best we can under these difficult circumstances," President Donald A. Borden said. 

With horns blaring and cars packed full, the celebration lacked the pomp and circumstance of a stuffy graduation ceremony and allowed students to let loose to celebrate their achievement. One graduate even rented a party bus

Hundreds of Camden County Community College graduates celebrated graduation at a drive-thru event.

"We got a party bus, there's like 14 of us, we're having a good time," said one dressed in a traditional cap and gown.

Amid the fun, some students took a moment to reflect on the long road that led them to this moment. 

"I've been in school for a long time - it's been 6 years off and on - and now with COVID, I'm happy to actually finish this chapter," said one student who plans on attending Rutgers School of Nursing. 

President Borden believes the twists and turns the students have faced on their path to graduation will make them better in the future.

"Resiliency, perseverance, are important skills to learn for people to be successful and if nothing else at the end of this we're a little better because of that," Borden said.



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