Camden County prepares for 1-2 inches of rain and wintry mix

A tricky weather weekend ahead brought many people out of their homes in South Jersey tonight trying to get what they need to make it through.

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"I hear Monday is supposed to be crazy," said Brandon Sauder. He's looking ahead to the flash freeze after all the rain has fallen and temperatures plunge. We caught up with him rolling out of Home Depot in Cherry Hill with several bags of salt.

"We just throw salt on the sidewalk and steps," he said. He has to work Monday but thinks he'll be ok.

"We got all-wheel drive. We're good," he said.

An inch to two inches of rain is forecasted for Camden County arriving Saturday afternoon and lasting all day Sunday.

"It was supposed to snow all this weekend and the forecast is actually showing that it's going to rain," said Harry Kim. He's been keeping an eye on the forecast and knows exactly what to do.

"You just stay inside and pray," he laughed. "But no what our family is going to do we're going to still salt the ground because we know it's going to turn into ice and we don't want to slip and fall," he said.

Meanwhile, Camden County officials said this afternoon that crews would start salting roads this evening. At one of the county salt yard's in Lindenwold trucks were loaded early.

"The biggest concern is the temperature dropping. we want to make sure all the residents throughout this county they monitor the temperature as well. If they don'' have to be on the road stay home so our crews can be out to clear the roads and salt the roads," said County Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo.

Kim hopes he can get food and any other last minute supplies in the hours before the weather rolls in.

"It's actually not going to rain until tomorrow morning from what I see so I'm going to start everything tomorrow morning or even shop whatever we need to do," he said.