Can your employer require you to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

As more people become vaccinated, can your employer mandate you get the COVID-19 vaccine?

"During the COVID pandemic they gave us bonuses, extra pay, they brought food in individual meals for each of us," Target employee Tammy Burns said.

A loyal, 4-year Target team Member, Burns isn’t vaccinated yet but says she eventually will get it.

"Yeah, it’s my job. I’m gonna do it," she said.

Target hasn’t required its employees to get the COVID vaccine, but according to Burns and other employees, they’ve offered incentives.

"Two hours for each injection that you get so it’s four hours pay and they do get you to and from," she said.

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While Target has been open through much of the pandemic, other companies are trying to navigate back to work safety protocols. Should everyone be vaccinated?

"Mandates are challenging and challenging for both individuals and for the companies to enforce. It’s a very difficult thing to ask of employees, but also recognizing this is a very special situation," professor at Warton School of Business Nancy Rothbard said.

A public health crisis where employees and employers are looking for a safe return to "the way it was."

"Some companies are offering cash bonuses to get the vaccine. These are important ways to also think about the carrot rather than the stick,"  Rothbard said.

Mandating an emergency use authorized vaccine may have legal challenges for now, but if that is lifted, private companies could require COVID vaccination.



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