Car barrels through home, kills man sleeping on couch

WINSTON-SALEM, NC - A car barreled into a North Carolina home on Sunday, killing a man who was asleep on his couch.

The driver of the vehicle lost control while driving down the street and tire marks show the vehicle's trajectory as it went through the front lawn and into the house.

The crash killed 57-year-old Tommy Curry. He was called "TC" by neighbors and friends.

"We heard an explosion and I was like what in the world so we got up looked at all of the sudden we saw smoke," a witness said.

"It's just a sad day out here on Germanton Road."

The car crashed right into the room where Curry was sleeping - and killed him.

According to neighbors, Curry's wife and son were in the home at the time of the crash, but were unharmed.

Now, police say the driver of the vehicle, Quante Rucker, could face charges.

The investigation is ongoing.