Caught on Camera: Teens Ransack Property in Logan

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Philadelphia police need your help tracking down a group of teens accused of causing thousands of dollars worth of damage inside a property in the city's Logan section.

On North Broad Street in Logan, neighbors have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of several new stores at a former supermarket site in their community. That's why they were so disappointed to hear that three teenagers had been caught on tape inside the property, ransacking the place. Police say the teens punched and kicked holes in the new sheetrock walls and spray painted equipment and other items inside the big renovation project. According to police, the teens did over $5,000 worth of damage.

Neighbors say a Save-A-lot, Dollar Tree and a new laundromat are slated to move into the old Shop n Bag supermarket site at Broad and Wingohocking. Now they're hoping the burglary and vandalism won't delay the project.

The site is clearly marked with signs about satellite surveillance and there are surveillance cameras. Investigators are hoping someone, even a parent, might recognize the teens from the video.

Most of the damages are being repaired. Neighbors are hoping the new stores will be open in the next month or two. If you have any information, please call Northwest Detectives.