Caught on Camera: Woman viciously beaten in Southwest Philly

Video shows a 26-year-old woman getting viciously beaten by several others Tuesday afternoon outside a store near 66th and Greenway Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia. The woman is punched and kicked more than a hundred times over the nearly 3 minute long video. Her sister is also seen getting beaten up by the same group. No word on what started the fight.

"It gets to the point where multiple people are beating up one to the point where she is on the ground unable to defend herself," Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said. "You also don't see in the video she is sprayed with mace which causes her to fall on the ground."

The video shows one of the women jumping up with both feet and smashing the woman's head to the ground.

Police say the victim from South Philadelphia reported the attack after she went to Methodist Hospital for treatment of cuts, bruises to her face and body.

In the video, you can see onlookers shooting video on their smartphones and others are heard screaming "kill her."

We showed the video to residents in the neighborhood. No one wanted to talk about it. The video uploaded to Facebook has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. However, not one person who witnessed the fight in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon ever bothered to call police.

"The young men out there you could just hear them in the background saying "shoot her", "beat her", continue on. They should have been the ones who stepped in and ended this fight while this lady was laying on the ground," Lt.Walker said.