Central Bucks School District releases summary regarding allegations of bullying of LGBTQ students

A packed meeting Thursday night in a local school district at the center of a controversy over how the district treated LGBTQ students. Thursday night, the results of a special counsel investigation into the Central Bucks School District are released.

Board members voted 6-3 at Thursday night’s meeting to release the summary of findings from the law firm the board hired to investigate allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ students in the district after the ACLU released a complaint back in November.

"What is your perception of the way the school board has reacted to that complaint from the ACLU?" asked FOX 29’s Jennifer Lee.

"It really didn’t need to get to this point. The district could’ve done something, could’ve responded with positive education and support, where we didn’t even need to get to this point of an ACLU complaint," parent Mindy Freeman responded.

The lawyer from Duane Morris says they interviewed 45 people as part of the investigation, including the principals at all 23 schools in the district and looked at thousands of documents.

They focused on a big portion of the investigation on a former Lenape Middle School teacher. They allege he manipulated vulnerable students and had an ulterior motive to bring in a federal agency to investigate, without ever reporting the incidents to school administrators, as is protocol.