Chester County parents split on Moderna vaccine for children under 6

Parents of little kids have been waiting and waiting for news on a COVID vaccine. Thursday, Moderna said it is asking for authorization for its vaccine for kids under six, though there is no timetable for when that will happen.

"This is big news, because Moderna’s data looks great," Dr. Jennifer Coren, with Hatboro Pediatrics, said.

Dr. Coren is thrilled Moderna asked the FDA for emergency authorization Thursday for a two-dose vaccine for children six months to five-years-old. She says COVID-19 numbers continue to climb, especially in children. She says getting kids vaccinated is the key to beating COVID.


"Parents are getting nervous. They’re itchy. They want their little ones vaccinated," Dr. Coren commented. "I would love to see more families of the already approved patients get immunized. We know rates for children are way too low in this country." 

The CDC reported earlier this week that three out of every four children have been infected with COVID.

"It worries me that parents are gonna say, well, they had the virus, why get the vaccine? We know, as scientists, you have much better, long-term coverage and especially with the other variants, if you are vaccinated,"Dr. Coren explained.

While some parents are anxious for a COVID vaccine for their little ones, the last CDC immunization survey found there’s still a lot of hesitancy in the youngest age group. A Devon couple and their six-year-old daughter are vaccinated, but they’re not sure they would vaccinate their two-year-old daughter.

"It’s not something we’re gonna be running out to, initially. I think we are gonna give it some time. We know of little ones that got COVID and they emerged from it just fine," Greg Michaels explained.

Yansi Estrada is vaccinated, as are his two teens, but his six-year-old son is not and he has a four-year-old at home.

"It’s a decision we have to think a lot about right now. We’re undecided. Yes right now, or wait a little longer," he said.