Chris Pratt Marked 9/11 With an Awesome #ThankAVeteran Video

In the face of unexpected violence, most of us freeze. We crumble. We pray. We cry. But a select few stand up, join up and take the fight to the enemy, in the name of justice. This September 11th I am doing something I invite all of you to do as well. I'm posting a video to #ThankAVeteran Thank you #MikeDay Mike is a former Navy SEAL who while on a raid in Iraq was shot 27 times. Astoundingly he survived. He had to learn to walk again, he wore a colostomy bag and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Aches, pains and episodes are a common occurrence for Mike since that night. Like so many others, although Mike is back from war, he continues his own fight everyday here at home. Later this year Mike will compete in and attempt to finish the most difficult race on the planet, the Kona Ironman World Championships. Over 140 miles of swimming, biking and running all in the scorching heat of the Kona sun. This is a man who was blown up by a grenade! Had 16 bullets pass through his body! 11 more absorbed by armor rupturing organs and breaking ribs! And suffered a traumatic brain injury! HE'S DOING THE KONA IRON-MAN!!! And all to raise money for cutting edge traumatic brain injury therapy at the Carrick Brain Center in Dallas, TX.I am donating $10K to his cause. If you have a few extra bucks I encourage you to sponsor him as well. Even $5 helps. The proceeds from the provided crowdrise link will benefit the Carrick Brain Center in Dallas, Texas where Mike and many of our warriors are seeking treatment for their injuries. Check it out. matter where you land politically in terms of our countries involvement in foreign affairs, or the two wars we've been in post 9/11 there is no doubting the courage and valor men like Mike Day have shown. He is a warrior in the true sense of the word. And I'd like to think what separates our country from other countries is that we have a population of people who will see to it that Mike and people like Mike are given the care they deserve. If the coverage for this treatment doesn't all come from government funding we are a nation that will pick up the slack through crowdrise funding. Because we love our troops. They protect these USA, a nation not of states, but of people. So we the people must do what we can to protect our heroes in return and lead the world by example. In America we may have our opinions, we don't always agree and our voices are loud. But 14 years ago we were reminded that deep down we are not divided, we are united and strong. We've got each other's backs, despite our differences and will continue to as we move forward. So click and donate right now to help someone like Mike learn to move forward. United we can take the necessary steps toward leaving the war behind overseas and here at home.#GodBlessAmerica.Lastly, I invite you to shoot your own short video thanking someone you know who's worn the uniform and defended our country. using the hashtag: #ThankAVeteran

CALIFORNIA--(FOX NEWS)-Chris Pratt took to social media on the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to make sure he gave thanks to our nation's veterans.

Along with a Facebook video, Pratt wrote, "In the face of unexpected violence, most of us freeze. We crumble. We pray. We cry. But a select few stand up."

The clip quickly went viral, with many praising Pratt for the #ThankAVeteran campaign. Pratt called on others to make their own #ThankAVeteran video and post it on social media.

The "Jurassic World" star called attention to a Navy SEAL and friend named Mike Day, who survived being shot 27 times on a raid in Iraq.

"His story is truly inspiring and just unbelievable. ... He sacrificed so much of himself for our country and for the world," said Pratt.

Watch Pratt's tribute above.

Report via FOX News