Clinton in Philadelphia Tuesday, with Biden in Scranton Monday

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will campaign at a Pennsylvania Democratic Party event in West Philadelphia on Tuesday at 1:15pm.

She's expected to join supporters and volunteers who will launch voter registration efforts in Philadelphia.

Organizers say at the event, Clinton will discuss her belief Americans are stronger together, with an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

She will also urge Pennsylvanians to register ahead of the Oct. 11 deadline, as well as organize voters in their communities, and kick off a post-event canvass in West Philadelphia.

Doors at West Philadelphia High School, 4901 Chestnut Street, will be open to the public at 11:15am.

First, Vice President Joe Biden will declare Donald Trump the most uninformed presidential nominee in history when he campaigns with Hillary Clinton for the first time on Monday.

They'll be in his hometown of Scranton. Biden's office said he'll argue Trump is less prepared on national security than any previous nominee. He'll also say that Trump's erratic rhetoric and "bluster" will make Pennsylvanians and all Americans less safe.

Biden's office says he'll praise Clinton as offering solutions for the middle class on jobs and education. He'll also cast Clinton as key to building on the Obama administration's legacy.

The vice president also plans to say Trump is clueless on the needs of working families.

Also Monday, Donald Trump will declare an end to nation building if elected president, replacing it with what aides described as "foreign policy realism" focused on destroying the Islamic State group and other extremist organizations.

In a speech in Ohio, the Republican presidential nominee will argue the country needs to work with anyone that shares that mission, regardless of other ideological and strategic disagreements. Any country that wants to work with the U.S. to defeat "radical Islamic terrorism" will be a U.S. ally, he is expected to say.