Montgomery County community remembers gunshot victim; calls for end to violence

The Ardmore community came together to remember the life of a man who was killed in what was, police say, a gun deal gone bad, and to call for an end to violence that is plaguing the region.

19-year-old Layth Evans was fatally shot near the community center while sitting in his car on July 10. Community members came together at Zion Baptist Church to pray.

"The question was asked on Sunday, what should we do? And one of our members came up with a brilliant idea. He said we need to begin with prayer," said Pastor James Pollard Sr., Pastor of Zion Baptist Church of Ardmore.

The congregation was not only praying for the victim, but the men charged with shooting him, 19-year-old Micah Colbert and 21-year-old Elijah Smith and their families. Colbert was a member of Zion Baptist. Pollard says he's known the young man since he was a baby.

"i've held these young people in my arms," he said. "They're like my family and it hurts."

Lower Merion police say Evans was killed over a gun deal gone bad. Investigators say he met the two suspects to sell them an untraceable "ghost" gun and wound up shot in the face.

Ann D'antonio of Havertown says she is fed up with the horror of these shootings.

"It's absolutely insane, that this armed country that we are. It's just endless pain for everybody," she said.

Police were parked outside church during the vigil, and private security stationed inside and outside in light of the violence that has rocked the close-knit suburban community.



Man found shot to death inside car in Ardmore, police say



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