Confederate time capsule opened after 100 years

It was definitely an historic day in Florida.

Tuesday, an historian there unlocked a time capsule that dates back more than a century.

It was found earlier this year at the base of a Confederate statue that was being relocated.

Historians believe the United Daughters of the Confederacy sealed the time capsule more than 100 years ago.

Inside was a small Confederate flag, money, and several newspapers from the early 1900s.

Ownership of the capsule is up for debate.

Florida's chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy says the capsule belongs to them.

Orlando's mayor disagrees.

"I'm unaware of the particulars of any lawsuit and at this point, the city of Orlando owns the documents," Mayor Buddy Dyer said, "and I assume in the future we will donate them to the history center."

The statue that contained the capsule was removed from a park and will now stand at a cemetery.