Confusion finding COVID-19 vaccines across Pa. remains as officials ask for patience

Confusion over the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues across the region with many people saying they are concerned about vaccine availability in Pennsylvania.

Bill is a senior who qualifies for the COVID vaccine. He has health care and a regular doctor, but says that doesn’t get the deal done.

"My doctor told me I could, I should, but he’s got no answers. They don’t. Doctors don’t really, they’re not able to send you anywhere," Bill stated.

A federal program working through CVS and Walgreens promises distribution, when they have doses. Grocery stores, too.

"I went to Acme two days ago and they had a little flyer at the pharmacy that they’re going to be getting them in, but they didn’t know when or have details, yet," a woman said.

FOX 29’s Hank Flynn tried locations from the Pa. Vaccination Site map and found the Rite Aid on 9th Street in Chester had doses. As for a clinic on the other end of town? They have doses. Crozer will have doses. It’s a massive hospital. The point is, one has to have an appointment, otherwise, it’s back to square one.


Delaware County Councilwoman Dr. Monica Taylor is preaching patience.

"We are limited in how much vaccine we have. Once we have more vaccine? We’ll be able to open up more sites, so right now, we have a bunch of sires that are just on standby. In the county. So, we have the individuals, we have the locations, we have the people that are going to be working them. We just don’t have the vaccine to be able to distribute them," Dr. Taylor commented.

Dr. Taylor says she is expecting 2,000 doses next week and 2,000 the week after. Delaware County residents should remember to use the Chester County portal.

Delaware County did open a new information line, which will be available to residents Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. That number is 484-276-2100.



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