Cops Pull Over Unsuspecting Drivers... and Hand Them Ice Cream Cones

(INSIDE EDITION) No one likes being pulled over, but these Virginia residents had no complaints when the long arm of the law extended a sweet surprise.

Police Chief Kevin Lands of the Halifax Police Department was patrolling the streets as normal last week with Officer Brian Warner when they pulled over a pair in a sedan for allegedly speeding.

"Are you aware of why I pulled you over today?" Warner can be heard saying in a Facebook video. "Are you familiar with vehicle code 1739?"

Confused, the woman in the driver's seat shakes her head.

Instead of giving her a ticket, Lands pulls out two ice cream cones to hand to the couple.

As the driver burst into laughter, Warner joked, "it's actually against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone."

Lands told that the police department has been brainstorming ways to connect with their tight-knit community when taking to the streets, armed with 16 Nutty Buddy ice cream cones.

They then pulled over about five or six drivers that purportedly committed a minor infraction, and instead of writing them up, they decided to lighten the mood by handing out frozen treats.

"The ones with kids were so happy," Lands told "We put smiles on peoples' faces."