2 mass vaccination sites being planned for southeastern Pennsylvania

The leaders of Philadelphia’s suburban counties remain at odds with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf over his plan to drop  state-run mass vaccination sites in their region when they say they can do it better.

On Friday, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf visited the Doylestown area Friday to tour a vaccine clinic hosted by the Bucks County Intermediate Unit (Bucks IU).

 Amy Stribling says she’s wanted a COVID vaccination but likely never thought she’d get one with the governor looking on.

 "It was a nice, small needle, nice thin needle all good. Feel wonderful now I’m vaccinated," she said.

 Stribling received her shot at work the Bucks County Intermediate Unit, a service agency for educators that’s doubling as a vaccination site for teachers.

 Wolf came to tout what he calls the "really good job" Pennsylvania is doing vaccinating residents especially teachers.

"When we work together we can do some pretty amazing things," Wolf said.

"Why not listen to them. They’ve done pretty well here as well," FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked.

Wolf replied, "We’ve done fairly well too. I understand we have a continuing conversation. I’m very proud of what Pennsylvania has done.

The leadership in Bucks, Montco, Delco and Chester say they’re already set up to jab many more arms with the 1-shot Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines if they could get more of them.

 But the Johnson & Johnson doses will go to the state site where Pennsylvania’s Acting Health Secretary says residents on waiting lists will get appointments.

She appeared this morning on Good Day Philadelphia.

 "I think letting folks know be here on April 10th at 10:15 is your shot that’s peace-of-mind that a waiting list hasn’t necessarily afforded them," Acting Pennsylvania Health Secretary Alison Beam said.

 County officials say a mass vaccination site could mean long drives for residents or will shut out those who don’t drive.

 "I’m disappointed that we’re not putting more stock in what our counties are telling us about their ability to be more efficient in getting vaccine to people out in the communities," Senator Maria Collett (D) said.

 State officials have now raised the possibility of mobile vaccination units in the Sprawling southeast, and the mass site has gone from one to two.

There's no word on where the sites will be located.


'Extremely disappointed': Southeastern Pa. counties not satisfied with state's plans for regional PEMA site



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