Couple Adopts 5 Biological Siblings After Being Foster Parents for 10 Years

(INSIDE EDITION) An Ohio couple has officially adopted five biological siblings after nearly 10 years of fostering children.

Julie and Will Rom, who never conceived a child of their own, said they didn't want to do fertility treatments when so many children in the world need families.

"Why would we pay somebody to bring a child in this world when there are so many children who need help?" Julie Rom told "We decided, you know, God has other plans. We're not meant to bring children into this world. We're meant to take care of children who currently need assistance. So that's when we started our foster care journey."

The couple decided to begin fostering children in 2008. During that time, they have taken in kids from seven different families.

But it was the children from their eighth foster family who would become their own.

In May, the Roms became the legal parents of five children, who they took in over three years. In the couple's hearts, it was already so.

William, 12, Truth, 9, Marianna, 6, Keyora, 3, and KJ, 2, became the Rom's legal children on July 27 in Judge Ralph Winkler's Hamilton County courtroom.

Family and friends were present at the special hearing.

"Honestly, it's no different," Julie Rom said. "I even talked to the older ones about it. We've had this family for three and a half years. Prior to getting them all, I was close with the previous foster mom so I still got this family together regularly. The bond had already been there; the dynamics have not changed at all."

The family threw a large party for the children the night before the hearing, celebrating the end of a long wait.

"The [kids] were excited; you know it's been a long time coming," Rom said. "The older boys have been over the process. It's very time-consuming having case workers and case managers and attorneys and everybody come to your house numerous times a month."

Now, the family is finally official.

Rom said that once everyone is settled in, they may consider fostering more children.